Why A Pool Safety Inspection Is Important

If your pool does not conform to the regulations set out by the local authorities, then you may be liable for fines, as well as having to spend money on getting these measures in place. This is why when buying or renting a home with a swimming pool, you should always check if the owner has done a pool inspection in Sydney and has got a certificate of conformity, which proves that they have adhered to all required rules and regulations regarding safety.

Pool inspections in Sydney are usually carried out by highly qualified, experienced and certified inspectors, who are able to check each and every aspect of swimming pool itself and the surrounding area and ensure that safety precautions have been met. If they do not, then the inspectors generally give a certain time period to the owners to rectify the issues and carry out a reinspection once the time period is over. The certificate of conformity will only be issued if all the criteria are met. If they do not rectify the issues that the inspector has pointed out then they may be liable to pay huge fines.

If you buy a new house and the owner does not have a certificate conformity, it does not necessarily mean that they can’t sell the house to you, because they can. However, you will be liable to ensure that the pool adheres to the required regulations and this can sometimes cost you a lot of money. Hence it is always best to ensure that the seller or owner has already done an inspection and got the required certification before you make your investment.

So, what are the areas that an inspector will check during an inspection?

The general condition of the pool.
The condition of the pool liner – a visual examination.
The condition of the walls and floor of the swimming pool – a visual examination.
The condition of the circulation pump or pumps.
The condition of vacuum pumps, cleaning apparatus, and water conditioning equipment.
The condition of any heaters.
The skimmers and drains are checked for damages or defects that may cause injury to a swimmer.
That the pool chemicals are safely stored.
The presence and condition of rescue equipment and signage.
The condition of the ladders.
The depth markings on the outside of the pool.
That the pool is in full view of the home with no obstructions.
Ensure that all pool lighting is secure
The pool is properly fenced to prevent unauthorized use of the swimming pool
That pool fence latches are on the inside of the fence, and that they are self-closing latches.
The pool safety fencing and latches are at the proper height.
The water level of the pool is high enough for swimmers to easily exit it.
That there are no protrusions at the water’s edge.
The condition of all walkways and sidewalks near and around the pool, and check for defects that might cause a safety hazard.
The drainage around the pool and check that rain water is directed away from the pool.
That all pool equipment is protected by a GFCI to prevent shock or electrocution.
That all electrical wires are at the proper height, and that they are at the proper distance from the pool area.
As you can see there is a long list of safety measures that need to be taken in order to prevent accidental drowning, especially of children, and it is imperative that these steps be taken to protect your family. Ensuring that a pool inspection in Sydney has been carried out prior to purchasing or renting your new home, can also save you a lot of money in the long run and save you a lot of legal hassle, not to mention give you peace of mind that you have a safe environment where your family and your children can have fun, unharmed.

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